Who We Are

The network of the National Science Policy Group continues to grow each and every day. Here are the current student groups we have united:

  1. Emory Science Advocacy Network (EScAN)
  2. Science Policy Club at UCSF
  3. Penn Science Policy Group
  4. Science Policy Advocacy Group (UNC)
  5. Washington University in St. Louis Graduate Students Promoting Science Policy, Education, and Research (ProSPER)
  6. Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
  7. Catalysts for Science Policy (CaSP) at UW-Madison
  8. Rutgers STEM Policy Group
  9. Vanderbilt Policy Group
  10. Science Technology Engineering Policy Society (STEPS) at Dartmouth
  11. Yale Science Diplomats
  12. Science & Engineering Policy At Caltech (SEPAC)
  13. Science Policy Initiative at MIT
  14. Forum on Science Ethics and Policy (FOSEP) at University of Colorado – Boulder
  15. Atlanta Science Advocacy
  16. University of Washington Science & Policy Steering Committee
  17. Penn State Center for Science Advocacy (CSA)
  18. University of Iowa
  19. University of Pittsburgh GPSG
  20. Carnegie Mellon University to Students for Science and Tech Policy (SSTP)
  21. Science Policy, Education and Communication (SPEaC) Club at UT Southwestern
  22. WVU Science Policy Organization
  23. Forum on Science Ethics and Policy (FOSEP) at University of Washington
  24. University of Rochester
  25. Georgetown University
  26. University of Notre Dame
  27. University of Tennessee
  28. University of Memphis
  29. St. Jude
  30. CUSPE
  31. University of Albany
  32. University of Virginia
  33. John Hopkins University
  34. Manchester Business School
  35. University of Michigan
  36. University of Cambridge
  37. UC Davis
  38. Morehouse School of Medicine
  39. UC Denver
  40. Louisiana State University
  41. University of Chicago
  42. American University
  43. University of Chicago
  44. Kansas State University
  45. Loyola University Chicago
  46. University of Southern California
  47. Texas A&M University
  48. Tufts University
  49. University of Maryland
  50. UC Irvine
  51. University of Oregon
  52. MIT LASC
  53. University of Illinois at Chicago

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